Tapper Legacy

Tapper Legacy:
Preserving Legacies for Generations
At Tapper Legacy, we understand the importance of capturing and preserving personal legacies, ensuring that final messages, stories, and guidance are not lost. Our innovative app is designed to provide a secure platform for recording and sharing your legacy, while also offering unique features tailored to different user needs.

Why is Tapper Legacy important?

  • Tapper Legacy addresses the reality that every day, many individuals pass away, often unexpectedly, leaving behind unspoken words and unshared wisdom.
  • The app empowers users to record and preserve their legacies, ensuring that their heartfelt messages and stories will reach their loved ones.
  • Tapper Legacy provides a unique opportunity for individuals to say their final goodbyes and leave behind a lasting impact, even in the face of unexpected circumstances.
  • It offers peace of mind to users, knowing that their messages and legacies will be safeguarded and cherished by future generations.
  • Tapper Legacy bridges the gap between generations, fostering connections and preserving personal stories for years to come.
  • By using Tapper Legacy, individuals can create a legacy that transcends time, ensuring that their voices and memories live on for their loved ones.

Who is the key target audience?

  • Individuals in end-of-life facilities and retirement communities
  • Professionals in high-risk occupations such as law enforcement, military, and firefighters
  • The elderly, who wish to secure their guidance, stories, and messages for their children’s future
  • Parents and guardians, who value the preservation of their legacies and messages for their loved ones
  • Anyone seeking peace of mind, knowing that their messages and legacies will be safeguarded even in unexpected circumstances.

These audiences all benefit from Tapper Legacy’s unique ability to preserve personal stories and messages, ensuring that they endure and provide comfort and connection for future generations.

Key Features and Functions:

  • Personalized Taps: Craft heartfelt video messages to share your life stories, wisdom, and love with your dear ones, ensuring your words endure.

  • Group Taps: Send personalized video messages to an unlimited number of recipients by selecting a group of loved ones to receive them.

  • Time Trigger: Tapper Legacy’s unique Time Trigger requires users to log in every 30 days, preventing premature release and ensuring your messages are shared at precisely the right moment.

  • Tapper Trustee: This feature enhances security. Designate a trusted individual to authorize the release of your Taps, guaranteeing privacy and preventing premature distribution.

  • Scheduled Delivery: Choose precisely when your Taps will be shared, whether for special occasions, milestones, or meaningful future dates.

  • Secure Storage: We prioritize privacy and security, utilizing AWS servers and cutting-edge technology to ensure that private messages remain exclusively between you and your recipients.

  • Indefinite Storage: Your Taps are stored indefinitely, and with an upcoming generational sharing feature, recipients can pass them down to future generations, preserving your legacy for years to come.

Preserve your Legacy with Tapper Legacy today!

Join Tapper Legacy and start recording cherished memories, stories, and life lessons. Ensure that final messages reach loved ones and that legacies live on for generations to come. Visit TapperLegacy.com to learn more and become part of the Tapper Legacy community.

Your Legacy matters—preserve it with Tapper Legacy.