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Tapper Legacy is an incredible opportunity for you to share your stories with your family, friends, and loved ones. You will never have to leave anything left unsaid or any story untold. Your legacy will live on for generations to come.

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Cherish Every Moment

Your all-in-one resource to securely share your messages and life story with your loved ones and with the generations to come.

Personal messages

With Tapper Legacy, you can create personal and private Taps (videos) to those you care about ​most in the world.

Private Data

Your content is yours! Your Taps are encrypted so that only those you give access to​ can view them.

Group Messages

Group messages are perfect for acquaintances, co-workers​, ​school friends, ​and many others. Send a single Tap that reaches a large group of people.

Tapper Trustee (Coming Soon)

Tapper Legacy offers you the chance to assign a friend or family member as your Tapper Trustee. Your Tapper Trustee can help reset your Time Trigger or confirm it is time for your messages to be sent out.

Safe and Secure

Here at Tapper Legacy, your content is important to us. To ensure your Taps are safe and secure, we utilize the best in cyber security and are constantly upgrading to the newest in technology.

The Right Moment

With Tapper Legacy’s in-house designed Time Trigger, you can be sure your videos will only be sent out at the appropriate time.
UPDATE: Now you can also set specific dates, such as birthday and anniversaries to have your Taps sent out.


 — Here’s what some of our friends are saying  —

The gift I never knew I needed

This app is crazy! When my brother sent it to me and told me I HAVE to check it out, I wondered what he was all excited about. I was a little iffy about making videos but now I’m hooked! I make them for my husband, my kids, my best friend. I love the how to videos and all the ideas they give. I video tapped me making my grandmother’s cheesecake and now I know that recipe will never get lost. It’s been really special and sometimes emotional for me. I recommend this app to anyone and everyone now.LeeMiRe

Sentimental & Thoughtful

I love the idea behind this app. You never know what will happen in the future and if your family doesn’t have the passcode to your phone they may never see the videos stored on your phone. However, you can personalize videos to specific ppl and the app will send it if something were to happen to you. I make videos for my daughters constantly. Bheroldma21

Memories that stand the test of time

How many apps on your phone have never been deleted? Facebook. YouTube. A few others, am I right? Here’s the next one–Tapper. Five years from now, and even 25 years from now, I’m going to wish that a past family member or friend was there for me at a special event. With Tapper, my family and friends TODAY can record video messages for me and my family TOMORROW, and it doesn’t have to be for a wedding, anniversary or birthday. Family and friends can record fun memories to occasionally share at any date in the future. It’s like a video present! Get Tapper Legacy today andkyleboneski

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