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Immortalize your legacy with Tapper legacy. Tapper helps you share your memories, history, and thoughts with your loved ones in a compassionate and creative way after you’ve gone.  Give them the gift they will cherish and share for generations – the gift of you.

What is Tapper Legacy?

Tapper Legacy has built the world’s best, user-friendly, truly global legacy app. Our goal is to ensure your personal stories, thoughts, and messages live on.

Your life story is important and should be remembered even after you’ve gone. Our platform gives you the power to keep your story alive and ensure you will be remembered by future generations.

Tapper Legacy is completely safe, secure, and easy to use. With just a few taps, you can record personal messages to loved ones by recording private videos. You will personalize and choose who receives which of your messages. Tapper Legacy will give you peace knowing you never have to leave anything unsaid and your loved ones will always know what they mean to you. 

About Tapper Legacy

My name is Doron and I am the creator and founder of Tapper Legacy. I lost both my parents and grandparents at a young age. I have many photos, some videos, and a few keepsakes from them, which are treasured. However, what I don’t have, what I dream of, are their stories told to me in their own words. They have been lost to me forever.

There are questions I never thought to ask when I was younger about where my family comes from, what stories my ancestors shared, and who they were. I remember my grandfather’s chicken fricassee and though I’ve tried numerous times to recreate that delicious sauce, it’s never the same. If only I had his recipe! My sweet, loving mother succumbed to stage 4 lung cancer within months of her diagnosis and I was not able to properly say good-bye. All those moments are lost to us. What would we have said to each other? What could we have shared? My father was a brilliant man with a great sense of humor who had the absolute best stories. I remember some of them but never thought to write them down, or somehow save them. What a gift that would be to me now! Not only to me but to my children and our entire family.

This is a new age where technology enables you to keep your loved one’s memories close even when they’re gone. There is no reason your friends and family have to miss these special parts of you. Grief is unbelievably difficult to maneuver. Tapper Legacy was created to help bring joy and remind your dear ones of your love well after you’ve passed. Even beyond the enormous comfort you can give them now, future generations will be able to know you as well: where you come from and who you are. We offer you a literal life line to connect you to your family and maintain your legacy well into the future. Tapper Legacy is about love, connection, joy, family, and friends. Tapper Legacy is about you.