Police, Firefighters & Military Officers

I’m asking for help from all of you. Many of you may know I recently launched Tapper Legacy, the first of its kind app. Tapper Legacy is made so everyone can record and leave their stories, memories, jokes, and simply put, their life stories for their family, friends, and generations to come to watch and enjoy. Tapper Legacy works to ensure that no one will be lost to the hands of time.

Right now, I am trying to find police, firefighter, and military clubs, groups, or other organizations where I can introduce the app. I am also looking for nursing homes and hospice care facilities where we can help those that need it most, record and preserve their messages for anyone they loved.

Please, if you know anyone in a leadership position in any of these types of places, reach out to me. I am on a mission to help preserve our past for everyone in the future and your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!